Ali Ünal - Sura: 86. At-Tariq - The Comer by Night

  1. By the heaven and that which comes at night.

  2. What enables you to perceive what it is that comes at night?

  3. It is the bright piercing star.

  4. There is not a soul but over it is a guardian.

  5. Let human, then, consider from what he has been created.

  6. He has been created from some of a lowly fluid gushing forth.

  7. It proceeds (as a result of incitement) between the (lumbar zone in the) vertebra and the ribs.

  8. Surely He (Who has created human from a lowly fluid) is able to restore him (to life after his death)

  9. On the Day when all things (that remained or were kept) secret will be made manifest;

  10. And he will have no power, nor a helper (against God’s punishment).

  11. I swear by the heaven ever-revolving (with whatever is in it and recurring patterns of rainfall),

  12. And by the earth, bursting (with the growth of plants):

  13. Surely it (the Qur’an) is a decisive Word distinguishing (between truth and falsehood).

  14. It is not (a word) in jest.

  15. They (who reject it) are busy making schemes;

  16. And I am "making a scheme."

  17. So let the unbelievers remain at will; let them continue to remain at will for a little while.


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