Daryabadi - Sura: 86. At-Tariq - The Comer by Night

  1. By the heaven and the night-comer

  2. And what shall make thee know that which the night-comer is?-

  3. It is the star shing brightly.

  4. No soul is there but hath over it a watcher.

  5. So let man look - from what is he created.

  6. He is created from a water drip-ping,

  7. That issueth from between the loins and the breast-bones.

  8. Verily He is Able to restore him,

  9. On a Day whereon secrets shall be out.

  10. Then he shall have no power nor any helper.

  11. By the heaven which returneth,

  12. And by the earth which splitteth,

  13. Verily, it is a discourse distinguishing.

  14. And it is not a frivolity.

  15. Verily they are plotting a plot.

  16. And I am plotting a plot.

  17. So respite thou the infidels - respite them gently,


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