Hamid S. Aziz - Sura: 86. At-Tariq - The Comer by Night

  1. By the heaven and by the night or (morning) star!

  2. And what shall make you know what the night star is?

  3. The star of piercing brightness.

  4. Verily, every soul has a guardian over it.

  5. Then let man look from what he is created!

  6. He is created from a drop emitted

  7. Which comes out from between the loins and the breast bones.

  8. Surely, He is able to bring back (to life),

  9. On the day when the secrets shall be tried,

  10. And man shall have neither strength nor helper.

  11. By the Firmament which returns in its rounds,

  12. And the earth with its sprouting!

  13. Verily, this is indeed a discriminating word,

  14. And it is no frivolity!

  15. As for them, they do plot a scheme!

  16. But I plot my scheme too!

  17. So give respite to the unbelievers; deal you gently with them for a while.


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