Malik - Sura: 86. At-Tariq - The Comer by Night

  1. By the heaven and by the visitant by night,

  2. and what will explain to you what the visitant by night is?

  3. It is the star of piercing brightness.

  4. (Just as Allah Almighty is taking care of each star in the galaxies, similarly) over each soul there is an appointed guardian angel.

  5. Let man consider from what he is created!

  6. He is created from an emitted fluid

  7. that is produced from between the loins and the ribs.

  8. Surely He, the Creator, has the power to bring him back to life,

  9. on the Day when the hidden secrets will be brought to scrutiny,

  10. then he will have neither power of his own nor any helper to save him from the punishment of Allah.

  11. By the sky (having rain clouds) which sends down rain

  12. and by the earth which is ever bursting with new growth;

  13. surely this Qur'an is a decisive word,

  14. and it is no joke.

  15. These unbelievers of Makkah are plotting a scheme:

  16. and I, too, am plotting a scheme.

  17. Therefore, leave the unbelievers alone. Leave them alone for a while.


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