Ahmed Ali - Sura: 87. Al-A'la - The Most High

  1. GLORIFY THE NAME of your Lord, most high,

  2. Who creates and proportions,

  3. Who determines and directs,

  4. Who brings out the pastures

  5. Then reduces them to rusty rubbish.

  6. We shall make you recite (the Qur´an) so that you will not forget it,

  7. Unless God may please. He knows the visible and knows what is hidden.

  8. We shall take you slowly towards ease.

  9. So remind them if reminder is profitable:

  10. Those who fear will understand.

  11. Only the wretch will turn aside,

  12. Who will burn in the terrible Fire,

  13. In which he will neither die nor live.

  14. Surely he will succeed who grows in goodness,

  15. And recites the name of his Lord and serves with devotion.

  16. But no, you prefer the life of the world,

  17. Though the life to come is better and abiding.

  18. This is surely in the earlier Books,

  19. The Books of Abraham and Moses.


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