Asad - Sura: 87. Al-A'la - The Most High

  1. EXTOL the limitless glory of thy Sustainer's name: [the glory of] the All-Highest,

  2. who creates [every thing], and thereupon forms it in accordance with what it is meant to be, 1 

  3. and who determines the nature [of all that exists], 2  and thereupon guides it [towards its fulfilment],

  4. and who brings forth herbage,

  5. and thereupon causes it to decay into rust-brown stubble! 3 

  6. WE SHALL teach thee, and thou wilt not forget [aught of what thou art taught],

  7. save what God may will [thee to forget] 4  - for, verily, He [alone] knows all that is open to [man's] perception as well as all that is hidden [from it] 5  -:

  8. and [thus] shall We make easy for thee the path towards [ultimate] ease. 6 

  9. REMIND, THEN, [others of the truth, regardless of] whether this reminding [would seem to] be of use [or not]: 7 

  10. in mind will keep it he who stands in awe [of God],

  11. but aloof from it will remain that most hapless wretch -

  12. he who [in the life to come] shall have to endure the great fire

  13. wherein he will neither die nor remain alive. 8 

  14. To happiness [in the life to come] will indeed attain he who attains to purity [in this world],

  15. and remembers his Sustainer's name, and prays [unto Him].

  16. But nay, [0 men,] you prefer the life of this world,

  17. although the life to come is better and more enduring

  18. Verily, [all] this has indeed been [said] in the earlier revelations -

  19. the revelations of Abraham and Moses. 9 


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