Literal - Sura: 87. Al-A'la - The Most High

  1. Praise/glorify your Lord`s name the highest/mightiest .

  2. Who created, so He straightened.

  3. And who predestined/evaluated , so He guided.

  4. And who brought out/made (to) emerge the pasture.

  5. So He made/created it rotten/spoiled (thin and dry) green/red with blackness.

  6. We will make you read, so do not forget.

  7. Except what God willed/wanted/intended, that He truly knows the declared/publicized and what hides.

  8. And We ease you to the ease/prosperity.

  9. So remind if the remembrance/reminder benefited.

  10. Who fears will remember/praise/glorify .

  11. And the most miserable/unhappy avoids/distances himself from it.

  12. Who roasts/suffers the fire , the greatest .

  13. Then he does not die in it and nor live.

  14. Who purified/corrected had succeeded/won.

  15. And mentioned/remembered his Lord`s name, so he prayed.

  16. But you prefer/choose the life the present/worldly life.

  17. And the end (other life is) better and more lasting (everlasting).

  18. That truly that (is) in (E) the written pages (Books/Scriptures) the first/beginning.

  19. Abraham`s and Moses` written pages (Books/Scriptures).


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