Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 89. Al-Fajr - The Daybreak

  1. I call to witness (all the times and places specially important for the acceptance of prayers including) the dawn (of the twentieth of Ramadzân),

  2. And the (last) ten Nights (of Ramadzân),

  3. And (the Prayers which consist of) the even and odd (number of Rak`ats performed during these nights).

  4. And the Night (- Lailatul-Qadr, the Blessed Night), when it moves on (to its close).

  5. In it there is surely a strong evidence for one who has sense and understanding.

  6. Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with `âd

  7. Of Iram, possessors of tall statures and lofty columns,

  8. The like of whom have not been created in these parts of land?

  9. And (how He dealt with the tribe of) Thamûd who hewed out huge rocks in the valley (to make their housings)?

  10. And (how He dealt with) Pharaoh, lord of vast hosts?

  11. (All these people were) those who committed (all sort of) excesses in the cities,

  12. And they spread a lot of corruption and lawlessness therein,

  13. (So much) so that your Lord let loose on them the scourge and various kinds of punishments.

  14. Behold! your God is always on the watch.

  15. Moreover a human being is such that when his Lord disciplines him (by prosperity) and (thus) honours him and bestows favours on him, he says, `My Lord has honoured me.´

  16. And when He disciplines him (with affliction) and (thus) straitens for him his (means of) subsistence, he says, `My Lord has (for no reason) disgraced me.´

  17. Nay, (what you think is wrong,) but (the reason for this degradation is that) you (for your part) do not honour the orphan,

  18. And you do not urge one another to feed the poor,

  19. And you devour the heritage (of others) wholly and indiscriminately,

  20. And you are exceedingly fond of wealth.

  21. By no means (will it be so as you think). When the earth is completely crushed into pieces,

  22. And when (the judgment of) your Lord comes (to pass), and the angels (descend also) ranged rank on rank (to execute His decree),

  23. On that Day Gehenna shall be brought near. (It is) on that very Day that a person will remember (the admonition), but of what avail shall that remembrance be to him (at that time)?

  24. He will say, `O would that I had sent forward (some good deeds as a provision) for this my life here (on this side).´

  25. So on that day none but He shall execute His punishment,

  26. And no one but He shall bind like His binding.

  27. (As for the person who has been blessed with a contented and peaceful mind He will say to him,) `O you soul at peace!

  28. `Come back to your Lord well-pleased with Him and He well-pleased with you.

  29. `Enter the fold of My chosen servants,

  30. `And enter the Garden made by Me.´


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