Ali Ünal - Sura: 90. Al-Balad - The City

  1. I swear by this (sacred) city (Makkah),

  2. – And you (O Messenger) are a dweller in this city. –

  3. And by him (Abraham) who begets, and him (Muhammad) whom he begot;

  4. We have assuredly created human in (a life of) trial and hardship.

  5. Does human think that no one has power over him?

  6. He says: "I have consumed abundant wealth!"

  7. Does he, then, think that no one ever sees him?

  8. Have We not made for him a pair of eyes,

  9. And a tongue and two lips,

  10. And shown him the two ways (one to follow and one to avoid)?

  11. Yet he makes no effort to make the ascent.

  12. What enables you to perceive what the ascent is?

  13. It is the freeing of a bondsman (a slave or a captive);

  14. Or feeding, on a day of privation,

  15. An orphan near of kin,

  16. Or a poor wretch in misery;

  17. And being, besides, of those who believe and exhort one another to patience and exhort one another to pity and compassion.

  18. Those are they who are the people of happiness and prosperity (who will be given their Records in their right hands on Judgment Day).

  19. But those who disbelieve in Our Revelations – they are the people of wretchedness (who will be given their Records in their left hands),

  20. On them is Fire closed over.


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