Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 90. Al-Balad - The City

  1. Nay, (it will never happen as the disbelievers desire.) I do swear by this city (of Makkah),

  2. When you will surely alight (as a conqueror) in this city.

  3. And (I cite as witness your) father (- Abraham) and (his exalted) son (- Ismâîl).

  4. We have certainly created a human being (to face obstacles and) to struggle hard (to achieve a marvelous goal).

  5. Does he think that no one will have power (to use) against him?

  6. He will say, `I have wasted enormous wealth.´

  7. But does he think that no one sees him?

  8. Have We not given him two eyes (to distinguish right from wrong);

  9. And a tongue and two lips (so that he can ask if he cannot see for himself),

  10. And We have pointed out to him the two conspicuous high ways (of right and wrong)?

  11. Yet he would not attempt the uphill path of steep and difficult ascent.

  12. And what should make you know what the uphill path of steep and difficult ascent is?

  13. (It is) the freeing of a captive (from the bondage of slavery, debt and other afflictions),

  14. Or feeding in the time of famine

  15. An orphan, near of kin,

  16. Or a downtrodden poor man.

  17. And what is even more, then he is of those who believe and exhort one another to be patiently persevering and exhort one another to be compassionate (towards God´s creation).

  18. These (who follow this hard path) are the blessed ones (- the people of the right hand).

  19. But those who denied Our Messages are the wretched ones (- the people of the left hand).

  20. There shall envelop them the Fire closed over (- a Fire the heat of which is not allowed to escape and they themselves cannot get out of it).


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