Literal - Sura: 90. Al-Balad - The City

  1. I do not swear/make oath with that, the country/land .

  2. And you are placed in/occupying (residing) at this , the country/land.

  3. And a father and what he gave birth (to)/procreated.

  4. We had created the human/mankind in hardship .

  5. Does he think/suppose that no one is capable/over powering on (over) him?

  6. He says: "I destroyed/wasted plenty property/possession/wealth."

  7. Does he think/suppose that (E) no one sees him?

  8. Did We not make/create for him two eyes?

  9. And a tongue , and two lips?

  10. And We guided him (to) the two paths/good or bad ?

  11. So he did not rush/force (himself) into the high mountain path/road ?

  12. And what made you know/informed you what the high mountain path/road (is) ?

  13. Releasing/freeing a neck/person/slave.

  14. Or feeding in a day/time of hunger/starvation/famine.

  15. An orphan of a relation/near/close.

  16. Or a poorest of poor/poor oppressed of poverty.

  17. Then he was from those who believed and directed/commanded each other with the patience, and directed/commanded each other with the mercy/compassion .

  18. Those are the blessings`/right`s (side`s/hand`s) owners/friends/company.

  19. And those who disbelieved with Our verses/evidences , they are the bad omen`s/left side`s owners/friends/company.

  20. Stationary/residing fire (is) on them.


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