Malik - Sura: 90. Al-Balad - The City

  1. I swear by this city (of Makkah where even to harm anyone is prohibited,

  2. where to assassinate) you (O Muhammad) have been made lawful in this city,

  3. And I swear by your father (Adam) and the children he begot (mankind),

  4. certainly We have created man to be in stress.

  5. Does he think that none has power over him?

  6. He may boast: "I have squandered wealth in abundance!"

  7. Does he think that no one observes him?

  8. Have We not given him two eyes to observe?

  9. One tongue and two lips to control it?

  10. Then shown him the two high ways (good leading towards paradise and evil leading towards hell)?

  11. Yet he does not attempt to tackle the Aqabah (steep path)!

  12. And what will explain to you what the Aqabah is?

  13. It is the freeing of a neck (slave) from bondage;

  14. or the giving of food in a day of famine

  15. to an orphan relative,

  16. or to a needy in distress;

  17. besides this, he should be of those who believe, enjoin fortitude, encourage kindness and compassion.

  18. Such are the people of the right hand (going towards paradise).

  19. But those who disbelieve Our revelations, they are the people of the left hand (going towards hell),

  20. having fire all around them.


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