Ali Ünal - Sura: 91. Ash-Shams - The Sun

  1. By the sun and its brightness;

  2. And the moon as it follows it (reflecting its light);

  3. And the day as it reveals it (the sun);

  4. And the night as it enshrouds it;

  5. And the heaven and that (All-Magnificent One) Who has built it;

  6. And the earth and that (All-Magnificent One) Who has spread it;

  7. And the human selfhood and that (All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and All-Wise One) Who has formed it to perfection;

  8. And Who has inspired it with the conscience of what is wrong and bad for it and what is right and good for it:

  9. He is indeed prosperous who has grown it in purity (away from self-aggrandizing rebellion against God);

  10. And he is indeed lost who has corrupted it (in self-aggrandizing rebellion against God).

  11. The (tribe of) Thamud denied (the Divine Message and their Messenger, and displayed their denial) in their arrogant rebellion,

  12. (Especially) when (finally) the most wicked among them (instigated by his people) rushed forward.

  13. The Messenger of God (Salih) said (warning them, and reminding them again of the terms of their pledge): "It is the she-camel of God, and observe her turn in drinking."

  14. But they denied him and slaughtered her, and so their Lord crushed them for their sin, and leveled them (with the ground);

  15. And He (being the All-Knowing and All-Powerful and All-Just) does not fear the outcome (of events).


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