Daryabadi - Sura: 91. Ash-Shams - The Sun

  1. By the sun and his morning bright-ness,

  2. By the moon, when she followeth him,

  3. By the day when it glorifieth him.

  4. By the night; when it envelopeth him,

  5. By the heaven and Him Who builded it,

  6. By the earth and Him Who spread it forth,

  7. By the soul and Him Who propertioned it,

  8. And inspired it with the wickedness thereof and the piety thereof,

  9. Surely blissful is he who hath cleansed, it,

  10. And miserable is he who hath buried it.

  11. Thamud belied in their exorbitance.

  12. What time the greatest wretch of them rose up.

  13. Then the apostle of Allah said Unto them: beware of the she-camel of Allah and her drink.

  14. Then they belied him, and they hamstrung her; wherefore their Lord overwhelmed them for their crime, and made it equal.

  15. And He feared not the consequence thereof


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