Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 91. Ash-Shams - The Sun

  1. By the sun and its noon-time brightness,

  2. by the moon when it follows the sun,

  3. by the day when it brightens the earth,

  4. by the night when it covers the earth with darkness,

  5. by the heavens and that (Power) which established them,

  6. by the earth and that (Power) which spread it out

  7. and by the soul and that (Power) which designed it

  8. and inspired it with knowledge of evil and piety,

  9. those who purify their souls will certainly have everlasting happiness

  10. and those who corrupt their souls will certainly be deprived (of happiness).

  11. The people of Thamud rejected (the truth) as a result of their rebelliousness

  12. when the most corrupt of them incited them (to commit evil).

  13. The Messenger of God told them, "This is a she-camel, belonging to God. Do not deprive her of her share of water".

  14. However, they rejected him and slew her. So their Lord completely destroyed them and their city for their sins.

  15. God is not afraid of the result of what He had decreed.


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