Hamid S. Aziz - Sura: 92. Al-Lail - The Night

  1. By the night when it veils!

  2. And the day when it is displayed!

  3. And by (the mystery) of male and female!

  4. Verily, your efforts are diverse!

  5. But as for him who gives alms and fears Allah,

  6. And believes in goodness,

  7. We will ease his way to ease!

  8. But as for him who is niggardly and thinks himself independent (or self-sufficient),

  9. And calls the good a lie,

  10. We will ease his way to misery (adversity)!

  11. And his wealth shall not avail him when he falls down (into hell)!

  12. Verily, it is for Us to guide;

  13. And, verily, Ours are the Latter and the Former life!

  14. Therefore, I have warned you of a Fire that flames fiercely!

  15. None shall broil thereon, but the most wretched,

  16. Who says it is a lie and turns his back.

  17. But the pious shall be kept away from it,

  18. He who gives his wealth that he may grow.

  19. And who gives no favour expecting a return,

  20. But only desiring the face of his Lord Most High.

  21. In the end he shall be well fulfilled!


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