Literal - Sura: 92. Al-Lail - The Night

  1. And/by the night when/if it covers/darkens .

  2. And/by the daytime when/if it uncovered/shined .

  3. And/by what (who) created the male and the female.

  4. That truly your striving/endeavor (is) separate/different (E) .

  5. So but who gave/granted and feared and obeyed.

  6. And gave charity/confirmed with the best/most beautiful .

  7. So We will ease him to the ease/prosperity.

  8. And but who was stingy/miser and sufficed/availed .

  9. And lied/denied/falsified with the best/most beautiful .

  10. So We will ease him to the difficulty/hardship .

  11. And his property/possession/wealth does not enrich/suffice (replace) from him if he fell/was destroyed .

  12. That truly on Us (is) the guidance (E).

  13. And that truly for Us (is) the end (other life) (E), and the first/beginning.

  14. And so I warned you/gave you notice (of) a fire blazing/burning/inflaming.

  15. None roasts/suffers it except the most miserable/unhappy.

  16. Who lied/denied/falsified and turned away.

  17. And the most fearing and obeying will be made to avoid it/be distanced from it.

  18. Who gives/brings his property/possession/wealth (and) purifies/corrects (himself).

  19. And (there) is not to anyone at Him from a blessing/goodness to be rewarded/reimbursed .

  20. Except wishing/desiring his Lord`s the highest`s/mightiest`s/most dignified`s face/front (path).

  21. And he/He will/shall (E) accept/approve.


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