Malik - Sura: 92. Al-Lail - The Night

  1. By the night, when it covers with darkness;

  2. and by the day, when it spreads its brightness.

  3. By Him who created the male and the female,

  4. surely your efforts are directed towards various ends.

  5. So for him who gives in charity, fears Allah

  6. and testifies to goodness,

  7. We shall facilitate for him the easy way.

  8. As for him who is a stingy and considers himself independent of Allah

  9. and rejects the goodness,

  10. We shall facilitate for him the hard way.

  11. Just think! What benefit will he get from his wealth, if he himself is doomed.

  12. Surely it is for Us to give guidance,

  13. and surely to Us belong the end and the beginning.

  14. Therefore, I warn you of the blazing fire,

  15. in which none shall burn except the wretched

  16. who deny the truth and give no heed.

  17. But the pious shall be kept away from it,

  18. the one who spends in charity for self-purification,

  19. not seeking any favor from anyone for which a reward is expected in return,

  20. except seeking the good pleasure of his Rabb, the Most High.

  21. Such persons shall soon be well-pleased with Allah.


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