Asad - Sura: 93. Ad-Duha - The Brightness of the Day

  1. CONSIDER the bright morning hours,

  2. and the night when it grows still and dark. 1 

  3. Thy Sustainer has not forsaken thee, nor does He scorn thee: 2 

  4. for, indeed, the life to come will be better for thee than this earlier part [of thy life]!

  5. And, indeed, in time will thy Sustainer grant thee [what thy heart desires], and thou shalt be well-pleased.

  6. Has He not found thee an orphan, and given thee shelter? 3 

  7. And found thee lost on thy way, and guided thee?

  8. And found thee in want, and given thee sufficiency?

  9. Therefore, the orphan shalt thou never wrong,

  10. and him that seeks [thy] help shalt thou never chide, 4 

  11. and of thy Sustainer's blessings shalt thou [ever] speak. 5 


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