Daryabadi - Sura: 93. Ad-Duha - The Brightness of the Day

  1. By the morning brightness,

  2. By the night when it darkeneth,

  3. Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased.

  4. And the Hereafter is indeed better Unto thee than the life present.

  5. And presently thy Lord shall give Unto thee so that thou shalt be be well-pleased.

  6. Found He not thee an orphan, so He sheltered thee?

  7. And He found thee wandering, so He guided thee,

  8. And He found thee destitute, so He enriched thee.

  9. Wherefore as to the orphan, be thou not Unto him overbearing.

  10. And as to the beggar, chide thou him not.

  11. And as to the favour of thine Lord discourse thou thereof.


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