Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 96. Al-'Alaq - The Clot

  1. Recite with the name of your Lord Who created (all the universe),

  2. Who (also) created human being from a clot of blood.

  3. Proclaim, for your Lord is the Most Benignant;

  4. Who taught knowledge by means of the pen,

  5. He taught human being what he did not know.

  6. Nay! (it is not at all as these people think), this human being does indeed indulge in transgression,

  7. Because he thinks himself to be independent (of God).

  8. (Mankind!) surely, to your Lord is the ultimate return (of you all to be accounted for your deeds).

  9. Have you considered (the case of one) who forbids

  10. A servant (of God) when he prays (to His Lord)?

  11. (Mankind!) do you ever consider if he (who prays to God) follows the right guidance,

  12. Or enjoins guarding against evil. (How bad will be the end of that forbidder?)

  13. Do you (also) consider if a person (- the rejecter of Divine commandments) belies (them) and turns his back (upon the truth, what his end will be like)?

  14. Does He not know that Allâh indeed observes (all)?

  15. Nay, (it will never be as the rejecter desires.) If he does not desist (from these wicked ways), We shall assuredly (seize him and) drag him by the forelock -

  16. A lying, sinful forelock!

  17. Then let him call members of his association.

  18. We will call Our brave defending guards.

  19. Nay, (he will never succeed in his evil designs.) Yield not to him, rather continue to prostrate yourself (before your Lord) and draw near (to Him). [Prostration]


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