Hamid S. Aziz - Sura: 96. Al-'Alaq - The Clot

  1. READ (or proclaim), in the name of your Lord! Who created

  2. Created man from a clot!

  3. Read (or proclaim), for your Lord is most Bountiful!

  4. Who teaches by the pen!

  5. Taught man what he did not know!

  6. Nay, verily, man is indeed rebellious

  7. In that he thinks himself independent (or self-sufficient or rich)!

  8. Verily, unto your Lord is the return!

  9. Have you considered him who forbids?

  10. A servant when he prays?

  11. Have you considered if he were in guidance

  12. Or bade piety?

  13. Have you considered if he denied the truth, and turned his back?

  14. Does he not know that Allah can see?

  15. Nay, surely, if he does not desist, We will drag him by the forelock!

  16. The lying sinful forelock!

  17. So let him call his council (or comrades):

  18. We will call the guards of Hell!

  19. Nay, obey him not, but adore and draw nigh (unto Allah)!


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