Literal - Sura: 96. Al-'Alaq - The Clot

  1. Read by your Lord`s name who created.

  2. He created the human/mankind from blood clots/sperm .

  3. Read and/by your Lord, the most honoured/generous .

  4. Who taught/instructed by the pen/writing utensil.

  5. He taught/instructed the human/mankind what he did not know.

  6. No but that truly the human/mankind tyrannizes/exceeds the limit (E).

  7. That (E) he saw/understood him(self), he enriched/sufficed (himself).

  8. That truly to your Lord (is) the return.

  9. Did you see/understand who forbids/prevents?

  10. A worshipper/servant/slave when/if he prayed ?

  11. Did you see/understand if he was on the guidance?

  12. Or he ordered/commanded with the fear and obedience of God?

  13. Did you see/understand if he lied/denied/falsified and he turned away?

  14. Does he not know with that (E) God sees/understands?

  15. No but if (E) he does not end/terminate/stop, We will pull and strike (E) by the forehead/forehead`s hair.

  16. A lying/denying/falsifying, sinning/erring/wronging forehead/forehead`s hair.

  17. So he should call his caller.

  18. We will call the strong ones/patrol force/Elzabaneya angels.

  19. No but do not obey him, and prostrate and near/approach (to Me).


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