Malik - Sura: 96. Al-'Alaq - The Clot

  1. Read! In the name of your Rabb Who created

  2. - created man from a leechlike mass.

  3. Read! Your Rabb is the Most Gracious,

  4. Who taught by the Pen,

  5. taught man what he knew not.

  6. Nay! Indeed, man transgresses all bounds,

  7. in thinking himself to be self-sufficient,

  8. although surely towards your Rabb is his return.

  9. Have you seen the one (Abu Jahl) who forbids

  10. Our servant from offering Salah (prayer)?

  11. Have you considered, if He was on the right guidance,

  12. or was enjoining true piety, why he would forbid someone from prayer?

  13. Have you considered, if he denies the truth and turns away, what will happen?

  14. Does he not know that Allah is observing all things?

  15. Nay! Let him know that if he does not stop, We will drag him by the forelock,

  16. a lying, sinful forelock.

  17. So let him call his supporters for help,

  18. We too shall call the guards of hell to deal with him.

  19. Nay! Do not obey him! Prostrate yourself and bring yourself closer to your Rabb.


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