Maryam - Mary - 19:82 (Sura: 19, Verse: 82)

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كَلَّا ۚ سَيَكْفُرُونَ بِعِبَادَتِهِمْ وَيَكُونُونَ عَلَيْهِمْ ضِدًّا


Ahmed Ali

Never. They will deny their devotion and become their adversaries.


Ali Ünal

No indeed! Those (whom they deified – beings such as angels, jinn, Prophets, saints, and heroes, etc.) will deny their worship of them and turn against them as adversaries (on Judgment Day).


Amatul Rahman Omar

Not at all! (they are utterly mistaken.) They (-their gods) will deny (one day) their worshipping them; they will turn hostile to them.



But nay! [On Judgment Day] these [very objects of adoration] will disavow the worship that was paid to them, and will turn against those [who had worshipped them]!



By no means! anon they shall deny their worship, and become unto them an adversary. *Chapter:19


Faridul Haque

Never; soon they will deny ever worshipping them, and will turn into their opponents.


Hamid S. Aziz

They take other gods besides Allah to be their source of power.



No but they will disbelieve with their worshipping, and they (are) on them adversaries/opponents .



By no means! Those very deities will renounce their worship and turn against them on the Day of Judgement.


Maulana Mohammad Ali

And they have taken gods besides Allah, that they should be to them a source of strength --


Muhammad Sarwar

In fact, they can have no honor; their gods will renounce their worship of idols and will turn against them.



Nay, but they will deny their worship of them, and become opponents unto them.



By no means! They shall soon deny their worshipping them, and they shall be adversaries to them.


The Noble Koran

Nay, but they (the so-called gods) will deny their worship of them, and become opponents to them (on the Day of Resurrection).


Yusuf Ali

Instead, they shall reject their worship, and become adversaries against them.


Sura: 19 Verse: 81Sura: 19 Verse: 83