Al-'Imran - The Family of Amran - 3:139 (Sura: 3, Verse: 139)

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وَلَا تَهِنُوا وَلَا تَحْزَنُوا وَأَنْتُمُ الْأَعْلَوْنَ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ مُؤْمِنِينَ


Ahmed Ali

So do not lose heart or be grieved, for you will surely prevail if you are believers.


Ali Ünal

Do not, then, be faint of heart, nor grieve, for you are always the superior side if you are (true) believers.


Amatul Rahman Omar

Therefore slacken not, nor grieve, and when you are true believers you shall certainly be the triumphant.



Be not, then, faint of heart, and grieve not: 99  for you are bound to rise high if you are [truly] believers.



And faint not, nor grieve; ye shall overcome, if ye are believers.


Faridul Haque

And do not be negligent nor grieve - it is you who will be victorious if you are believers.


Hamid S. Aziz

If a wound touches you, a similar wound has touched the others: these are only the vicissitudes of varying fortune which we bring in turn to mankind that Allah may know those who it is that believe, and may choose from you witnesses, for Allah loves not the unjust.



And do not weaken/enfeeble , and do not be saddened/grieved, and you are the overcoming and becoming dignified/defeating, if you were believing.42



Do not grieve and get disheartened: for you will have the upper hand if you are the believers.


Maulana Mohammad Ali

This is a clear statement for men, and a guidance and an admonition to those who would keep their duty.


Muhammad Sarwar

Do not be discouraged or grieved. You alone will have true dignity if you only are true believers.



Faint not nor grieve, for ye will overcome them if ye are (indeed) believers.



And be not infirm, and be not grieving, and you shall have the upper hand if you are believers.


The Noble Koran

So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers.


Yusuf Ali

So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For ye must gain mastery if ye are true in Faith.


Sura: 3 Verse: 138Sura: 3 Verse: 140