Al-Anfal - Voluntary Gifts - 8:73 (Sura: 8, Verse: 73)

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وَالَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلِيَاءُ بَعْضٍ ۚ إِلَّا تَفْعَلُوهُ تَكُنْ فِتْنَةٌ فِي الْأَرْضِ وَفَسَادٌ كَبِيرٌ


Ahmed Ali

Those who are infidels aid one another. Unless you do the same there will be discord in the land and anarchy.


Ali Ünal

Those who disbelieve – they are friends and protectors of one another (especially against you). Unless you do it also (i.e. maintain solidarity among the believers) there will be unrest on the earth and great corruption.


Amatul Rahman Omar

And (as for) those who disbelieve, they are friends one to another. Hence if you (O Muslims!) do not act (as has been ordained for you to help one another) there will be persecution and great corruption in the land.



With all this, [remember that] those who are bent on denying the truth are allies of one another; 82  and unless you act likewise [among yourselves], oppression will reign on earth, and great corruption.



And those who disbelieve: they shall be heirs unto one anot her. if ye do this not, a sedition there will be in the land and a great corruption.


Faridul Haque

And the disbelievers are the heirs of one another - if you do not do so, there will be turmoil in the land and a great chaos.


Hamid S. Aziz

And those who disbelieve, some of them are kin (or protectors) of one another - unless you act the same there will be confusion (or oppression) in the land, and great corruption (or mischief).



And those who disbelieved some of them (are) guardians/allies (of) some, if you not make/do it, it (will) be misguidance/betrayal in the earth/Planet Earth, and big/great corruption/disorder .



The unbelievers are protectors of one of another. If you fail to do likewise, there will be disorder in the land and great corruption.


Maulana Mohammad Ali

Surely those who believed and fled (their homes) and struggled hard in Allah’s way with their wealth and their lives, and those who gave shelter and helped -- these are friends one of another. And those who believed and did not flee, you are not responsible for their protection until they flee. And if they seek help from you in the matter of religion, it is your duty to help (them) except against a people between whom and you there is a treaty. And Allah is Seer of what you do.


Muhammad Sarwar

The unbelievers are each other´s friends. If you (the believers) do not keep the same among yourselves in the land, there will come into being widespread idolatry and great evil.



And those who disbelieve are protectors one of another - If ye do not so, there will be confusion in the land, and great corruption.



And (as for) those who disbelieve, some of them are the guardians of others; if you will not do it, there will be in the land persecution and great mischief.


The Noble Koran

And those who disbelieve are allies to one another, (and) if you (Muslims of the whole world collectively) do not do so (i.e. become allies, as one united block with one Khalifah - chief Muslim ruler for the whole Muslim world to make victorious Allah's Religion of Islamic Monotheism), there will be Fitnah (wars, battles, polytheism, etc.) and oppression on earth, and a great mischief and corruption (appearance of polytheism).


Yusuf Ali

The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief.


Sura: 8 Verse: 72Sura: 8 Verse: 74