Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah - The Immunity - 9:50 (Sura: 9, Verse: 50)

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إِنْ تُصِبْكَ حَسَنَةٌ تَسُؤْهُمْ ۖ وَإِنْ تُصِبْكَ مُصِيبَةٌ يَقُولُوا قَدْ أَخَذْنَا أَمْرَنَا مِنْ قَبْلُ وَيَتَوَلَّوْا وَهُمْ فَرِحُونَ


Ahmed Ali

If good comes your way they are vexed, but if calamity befalls you, they say: "We had taken precautions in advance;" and pleased, turn away.


Ali Ünal

If something good comes to you (O Messenger), this grieves them; and if a disaster befalls you, they say, "We have taken due care of our affairs in good time," and turn away, exultant.


Amatul Rahman Omar

If good befalls you it grieves them, but if some hardship afflicts you they say, `We had indeed taken our precautions beforehand,´ and they turn away rejoicing.



Should good fortune alight on thee, 73  [O Prophet,] it will grieve them; and should misfortune befall thee, they will say [to themselves], "We have already taken our precautions beforehand!" - and will turn away, and will rejoice.



If good befalleth thee, it annoyeth them, and if an affliction befalleth thee, they say; surely we took good hold of our affair before. And they turn away while they are exulting.


Faridul Haque

If good befalls you they dislike it; and were some calamity to befall you, they would say, “We had resolved our matters in advance”, and would turn away rejoicing.


Hamid S. Aziz

If good befall you it also afflicts (or grieves) them; but if a calamity befall you they say, "We took precautions." and they turn away well pleased (or rejoicing).



If goodness strikes you it harms them , and if disaster/every thing hated strikes you , they say: "We had taken our matter/affair from before." And they turn away and they are happy/delighted .



If you gain success, it grieves them, but if you face a setback, they say "We had taken our precautionary measures," and turn away, rejoicing.


Maulana Mohammad Ali

And among them is he who says: Excuse me and try me not. Surely into trial have they already fallen, and truly hell encompasses the disbelievers.


Muhammad Sarwar

If you gain success, it grieves them but if you suffer hardship, they turn away from you saying, "It´s good that we took our affairs into our own hands".



If good befalleth thee (O Muhammad) it afflicteth them, and if calamity befalleth thee, they say: We took precaution, and they turn away well pleased.



If good befalls you, it grieves them, and if hardship afflicts you, they say: Indeed we had taken care of our affair before; and they turn back and are glad.


The Noble Koran

If good befalls you (O Muhammad), it grieves them, but if a calamity overtakes you, they say: "We took our precaution beforehand," and they turn away rejoicing.


Yusuf Ali

If good befalls thee, it grieves them; but if a misfortune befalls thee, they say, "We took indeed our precautions beforehand," and they turn away rejoicing.


Sura: 9 Verse: 49Sura: 9 Verse: 51