Literal - Sura: 17. Bani Isra'il - The Israelites

  1. Praise/glory (to) who went/moved/traveled/departed by night with/by His worshipper/slave at night/nightly from the Mosque the Respected/Sacred to the Mosque the Farthest/Remotest/Most Distant which We blessed around/surrounding it, to show him/make him understand from Our verses/signs/evidences, that He is the hearing/listening, the seeing/knowing/understanding .

  2. And We gave/brought Moses The Book, and We made it guidance to Israel`s sons and daughters; that you do not take from other than Me a guardian/protector .

  3. Descendants (of) whom We carried/loaded with Noah, that he truly was a thankful/grateful worshipper/slave.

  4. And We informed/carried out/completed to Israel`s sons and daughters in The Book/destiny/term ,(that) you will corrupt/disorder (E) in the earth/Planet Earth twice, and you will become high and mighty (E) great height, might and dignity.

  5. So if their (B)`s first/beginning (of the two times) came, We sent on (to) you worshippers/slaves for Us of strong (severe) power/mighty, so they went through/corrupting/destroying in between and around the homes/houses , and (it) was a made/done promise.

  6. Then We returned to you the repeat/second time/repetition over them, and We extended/spread you with properties/possessions/wealths, and sons/sons and daughters, and We made you more (a larger) supportive tribe/family/group.

  7. If you did good, you did good for yourselves, and if you did bad/evil/harm so for it (your selves), so if the last`s/end`s/other`s promise came, they will cause God evil/harm (to) your faces/fronts, they will enter the Mosque like they entered it (on) the first/beginning time , and they will destroy/ruin/break (E) what they (the worshippers/slaves) rose over (with) destruction/ruin/breakage.

  8. Maybe/perhaps that (E) your Lord has mercy upon you, and if you returned, We returned, and We made/put Hell confining/surrounding for the disbelievers.

  9. That truly this the Koran guides to which it is more just/direct , and it announced good news (to) the believers, those who make/do the correct/righteous deeds, that (E) for them (is) a great reward .

  10. And that (E) those who do not believe with the end (other life), We prepared/made ready for them a painful torture.

  11. And the human/mankind calls/prays with the bad/evil/harm (as) his call/prayer with the better/wealth , and the human/mankind was hurrying/hastening .

  12. And We made/put the night and the daytime (as) two signs/evidences , so We wiped out/erased/eliminated the night`s sign/evidence , and We made/put the daytime`s sign/evidence manifest/clearly visible to the eye and understanding , to wish/desire grace/favour from your Lord, and to know the years` number, and the counting/calculating, and every thing We detailed/explained it detailing/explaining .

  13. And every human/mankind We obliged/compelled him his action/anger in his neck (made himresponsible), and We bring out/make emerge for him (on) the Resurrection Day a Book/judgment he finds it spread/publicized .

  14. (He is told): "Read your Book/judgment , enough/sufficient with your self today on you counting/calculating."

  15. Who was guided, so but he guides for himself, and who misguided, so but he misguides on it (himself) and no sinner/loader/burdener carries/loads/bears another`s sins/load/burden , and We were not torturing until We send a messenger.

  16. And if We willed/wanted that (E) We destroy/perish a village/urban city, We ordered/commanded its luxuriated ungrateful and arrogant, so they debauched in it, so the saying/words was deserved on it, so We destroyed it destructively.

  17. And how many We destroyed/perished from the generations/peoples of eras from after Noah, and enough/sufficient with your Lord with His worshippers`/slaves` crimes, (He is) expert/experienced, seeing/knowing/understanding.

  18. Who was wanting the present world/worldly life, We hurried/hastened for him in it what We will/want to whom We will/want, then We made/put for him Hell, he roasts/suffers/burns (in) it, blamed/made lowly , expelled/driven away .

  19. And who wanted the end (other life) and strived/tended to it its striving/hastiness , and he is believing, so those their striving/hastiness was thanked.

  20. Each/all We extend/spread, those and these, from your Lord`s gift/grant, and your Lord`s gift/grant was not forbidden/restrained .

  21. Look/wonder about how We preferred/favoured some of them over some, and the end (other life) (E) (is) greater steps/stages/degrees, and greater preference/favour.

  22. Do not make/put with God another god, so you sit/remain blamed/lowly abandoned/deserted .

  23. And your Lord passed judgment/ordered that you not worship except (only) Him, and with the (B) parents/father and mother a goodness if the old age reaches (E) one of them or both of them at/by/near you ,so do not say to them (B): "Ugh !" And do not deprive/yell at them (B) , and say to them (B) a gracious/kind saying/word.

  24. And be lenient/comforting/lower to them (B) the humility`s/humbleness`s wing/side from the mercy (be kind), and say: "My Lord have mercy upon them (B) as they (B) brought me up young ."

  25. Your Lord (is) more knowledgeable with what (is) in your selves, if you be correct/righteous, so that He truly is to the repentant a forgiving.

  26. And give/bring (to) of the relations his right/share , and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed, and the traveler/stranded traveler, and do not waste/squander, wastefully/squanderingly.

  27. That (E) the wasters/squanderers were the devils` brothers, and the devil was to his Lord (an insisting) disbeliever.

  28. And If/whenever you object/turn away (E) from them asking/desiring mercy you hope/expect for it from your Lord, so say to them: "An easy/little saying/word ."192

  29. And do not make/put your hand chained or tied to your neck and do not spread/extend/widen it all the expansion/extension , so you sit/remain blameworthy/blamed grieving/sad .

  30. That your Lord spreads/extends the provision to whom He wills/wants, and He is capable/able , that He truly was with His worshippers/slaves an expert/experienced, seeing/knowing/understanding.

  31. And do not kill your children fearing poverty, We provide for them and you, that truly killing them was/is a great/large sin/crime/wrong .

  32. And do not approach/near the adultery/fornication , that it truly was/is an enormous/atrocious deed , and a bad/evil/harmful way/path .

  33. And do not kill the self that God forbade/prohibited except with the truth/right (justice) , and who was killed unjustly/oppressively, so We had made for his guardian a power/authority , so he does not waste/exceed the limit in the killing/murder , that he truly was/is victorious.

  34. And do not approach/near the orphan`s property/possession/wealth except with which it is best until he reaches his maturity/strength, and fulfill/complete with the promise/contract , that (E) the promise/contract was/is questioned.

  35. And fulfill/complete the measurement/weight if you measured/weighed, and weigh/measure with the scale/balance the balanced , that (is) best , and (a) better interpretation/explanation.

  36. And do not follow the tracks/accuse of evil deeds what knowledge is not for you with it (you have no knowledge of), that the hearing/listening, and the eye sight/knowledge, and the heart , all (of) those are/were about it questioned.

  37. And do not walk in the earth/Planet Earth showing superiority, happiness and over confidence , that you will never reach (the) end (of)/tear apart the earth/Planet Earth, and you will never reach the mountains (in) height/length (be as tall as the mountains).

  38. All (of) that its bad/evil/harm was/is at God hated.

  39. That (is) from what your Lord inspired/transmitted to you from the wisdom, and do not make/create with God another god, so you will be thrown/thrown away in Hell, blameworthy/blamed, expelled/driven away .

  40. Did your Lord choose/purify (specialize) you with the sons, and He took/received from the angels females? That you are saying (E) a great saying/word/opinion and belief.

  41. And We had laid out/detailed linguistically in this the Koran, (so) they mention/remember (E) , and it does not increase them except hastening away with aversion.

  42. Say: "If there were/are gods with Him as/like they say, then they would have wished/desired a way/path to (the owner) of the throne ."

  43. His praise/glory, and high, mighty, exalted and dignified, about what they say great height, might and dignity.

  44. The skies/space the seven, and the earth/Planet Earth, they praise/glorify to Him, and who (is) in them, and that (E) (there is not) from a thing except (it) praises/glorifies with His praise/gratitude/thanks, and but you do not understand their praise/glorification, that He was/is clement/patient powerful and capable, a forgiving.

  45. And if you read the Koran, We made/put between you and between those who do not believe with the end (other193life) a barrier/partition/protection , hidden/covered (invisible).

  46. And We made/put on their hearts covers/protections that (E) they understand/learn/know it, and in their ears a heavy weight, and if you mentioned/remembered your Lord in the Koran alone, they turned away on their backs/ends hastening away with aversion .

  47. We (are) more knowledgeable with what they hear/listen with it, when they hear/listen to you, and when they are confidentially talking/secretly conversing, when the unjust/oppressive say: "That (E) you follow except a bewitched/enchanted man."

  48. Look/see/wonder about how they gave to you the examples/proverbs, so they became misguided, so they are not able (of) a way/path .

  49. And they said: "Is (it that) if we were bones and debris/fragments/broken pieces are we being resurrected/revived (E) (in) a new creation?"

  50. Say: "Be stones or iron."

  51. Or a creation from what enlarges in your chests (innermosts). So they will say: "Who returns/repeats us?" Say: "Who created you/brought you into life (the) first time." So they will shake/shiver their heads to you in wonderment and say: "When/at what time it is?" Say: "Maybe/perhaps (it) becomes near/close."

  52. A day/time He calls (to) you so you answer/reply with His praise/gratitude/thanks, and you think/assume that truly you stayed/remained except little (you think you did not stay except little).

  53. And say to My worshippers/slaves, they (should) say which it is best , that the devil spoils/urges to evil between them, that the devil was/is to the human/mankind (a) clear/evident enemy.

  54. Your Lord (is) more knowledgeable with (of) you, if He wills/wants He has mercy upon you, and if He wills/wants He tortures you, and We did not send you (as) a guardian/protector/keeper on them.

  55. And your Lord (is) more knowledgeable with (of) who (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and We had preferred/favoured some (of) the prophets over some, and We gave/brought David a Book.

  56. Say: "Call those whom you claimed/alleged from other than Him, so they do not own/posses the harm`s removals from you, and nor a change/movement ."

  57. Those are those who call, they desire the means/way of approach to their Lord, which of them (is) nearer/closer, and they hope/expect His mercy, and they fear His torture, that your Lord`s torture was/is cautioned/warned/feared of.

  58. And (there is) none from a village/urban city, except (that) We are making it die/destroying it before the Resurrection Day, or torturing it strong (severe) torture, that was/is in The Book written/inscribed/drafted.

  59. And nothing prevented/prohibited us that (E) We send with the verses/evidences except that the first/beginners lied/denied/falsified with it, and We gave/brought Thamud the (F) camel manifest/clearly visible to the eye and understanding/clear evidence , so they caused injustice with it, and We do not sent with the verses/evidences/signs except frightening.

  60. And when We said to you that your Lord took care of/was aware with the people, and We did not make the dream which We showed you except (as) a test to the people, and the tree the cursed in the Koran, and We194frighten them, so it does not increase them except great tyranny .

  61. And when We said to the angels: "Prostrate to Adam." So they prostrated except Satan/Iblis, he said: "Do I prostrate to who you created (from) mud/clay ?"

  62. He said: "Did I show You, that which you honoured on me, If (E), You delayed me, to the Resurrection Day, I will possess/take over (all) their descendants except little/few."

  63. He said: "Go/go away so who followed you from them, so that (E) Hell (is) your reimbursement , a reimbursement completed/abundant ."

  64. And harass/disturb with your voice/noise whom you were able from them, and gather/urge on them with your horses/horsemen, and your men, and share them/be a partner with them in the properties/possessions/wealths, and the children, and promise them. And the devil does not promise them except deceit/temptation.

  65. That (E) My worshippers/slaves power/control is not for you over them (you have no power/control over My worshippers/slaves). And enough/sufficient with God (as) a guardian/protector .

  66. Your Lord (is) who drives/pushes for you the ships in the sea/ocean , to desire on them from His grace/favour , that He truly was/is with you merciful.

  67. And if the harm touched you in the sea/ocean , whom you call (was) lost, except (only) Him, so when He saved/rescued you to the shore/land, you objected/turned away; and the human/mankind was/is (an insistent) disbeliever.

  68. So (did) you become safe/secure that (E) he caves in with you the land`s/shore`s side/direction, or He sends on you a violent wind carrying pebbles and hail , then you do not find for you a guardian/protector ?

  69. Or (did) you become safe/secure that (E) He returns/repeats you in it once/another again? So He sends on you a severe wind that breaks every thing in its path from the wind, so He drowns/sinks you because (of) what you disbelieved, then you do not find on Us with it a victorior/follower.

  70. And We had honoured Adam`s sons and daughters, and We carried/lifted them in the land/shore, and the sea/ocean , and We provided for them from the goodnesses , and We preferred/favoured them over many from whom We created preference/favour.

  71. A day/time We call every people with their leader/example, so who was given/brought his Book/judgment with his right (hand), so those read their Book/judgment , and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed (the equivalent of) a cleft in a seed/a twine/a wick.

  72. And who was in this blind/confused , so he is in the end (other life) blind/confused, and more misguided (in) a way/path .

  73. And if they were about to/almost to misguide/seduce/mislead you (E) (away) from what We inspired/transmitted to you, to fabricate/cut and split on (about) Us other than it, and then they would have taken you (as) a faithful , close friend .

  74. And were it not for that We encouraged/stabilized you, you would have (E) (been) almost to lean towards to them a little/small thing.195

  75. Then We would have made you taste/experience double the life , and double the death/time of death, then you do not find a victorior/savior on (from) Us.

  76. And if they were about to/almost to scare to drive you out from the land to bring/drive you out from it, and then they do not remain/wait behind you except little.

  77. A law/manner (of) whom We had sent before you from Our messengers, and you do not find for Our law/manner a change/removal .

  78. Start/keep up the prayers to the sun`s nearing setting to the night`s darkness, and the dawn`s Koran, that the dawn`s Koran was/is being witnessed.

  79. And from the night so wake up and pray with it, done above the call of duty for you, maybe/perhaps that (E) your Lord sends/resurrects you a praised/thanked position/residence .

  80. And say: "My Lord enter me a truthful entrance, and bring me out (in) a truthful exit, and make/put for me from at you a victorious/supportive proof/power/authority ."

  81. And say: "The truth came and the falsehood vanished/perished , that (E) the falsehood was/is vanishing/perishing ."

  82. And We descend from the Koran what it is a cure/recovery and mercy to the believers, and the unjust/oppressive do not increase except loss/misguidance and perishment.

  83. And if We blessed on the human, he objected/turned away and he went far with his side/direction, and if the bad/evil/harm touched him, (he) was/is despairing/hopeless.

  84. Say: "Each/every makes/does on his nature/disposition , so your Lord (is) more knowledgeable with whom he is more guided (in) a way/path ."

  85. And they ask/question you about the Soul/Spirit , say: "The Soul/Spirit (is) from my Lord`s matter/affair, and you were not given from the knowledge except little ."

  86. And if (E) We willed wanted We will take away/eliminate with what We inspired/transmitted to you, then you do not find for you with it on (against) Us a guardian/protector .

  87. Except mercy from your Lord, that (E) His grace/favour/blessing was great on you.

  88. Say: "If (E) the human/mankind and the Jinns gathered/unified on that (E) they come with similar/equal/alike (to) this the Koran, they do not come with similar/equal/alike to it, and even if some of them were to some, (were to each other) supporting/helping."

  89. And We had laid out/detailed linguistically to the people in this the Koran from every example/proverb, so most of the people refused/hated except (insisting) disbelief.

  90. And they said: "We will never/not believe to you until you cause a water spring/well to flow/burst from the land ."

  91. Or a treed garden of palm trees and grapes/fruits of the vine be for you, so you cause the rivers/waterways to flow/burst in between and round it flowing/bursting.

  92. Or you drop the sky pieces on us as you claimed/alleged , or you come with God and the angels facing/from front .196

  93. Or (a) house/home from ornament/gold be for you, or you ascend/climb in the sky , and We will never/not believe to your ascent/climb until you descend on us a book we read it. Say: "My Lord`s praise/glory, have I been except a human, a messenger?"

  94. And what prevented/forbid the people that (E) they believe when the guidance came to them, except that (E) they said: "Did God send a human, messenger?"

  95. Say: "If there were in the earth/Planet Ea rth angels walking assured/secured , We would have descended on them from the sky/space an angel (as) a messenger."

  96. Say: "Enough/sufficient with God, (as) a witness/testifier between me and between you, that He truly was/is with His worshippers/slaves expert/experienced, seeing/knowing."

  97. And whom God guides so he is the guided, and whom He misguides, so you will never/not find for them guardians/protectors from other than Him, and We gather them (on) the Resurrection Day on their faces/fronts, blind, and mute, and deaf, their shelter/refuge (is) Hell, whenever (it) became humble/tranquil (subsided), We increased them blazing/inflaming.

  98. That (is) their reward because they (E) disbelieved with Our verses/evidences and they said: "Is (it that) if we were bones and debris/fragments , are we being resurrected/revived (E) (as a) new creation?"

  99. Did they not see/understand that God (is) who created the skies/space and the Earth/Planet Earth (and is) capable on that (E) (He) creates similar/equal to them, and He made/put for them a term/time no doubt/suspicion in it, so the unjust/oppressive refused/hated except (insisting) disbelief.

  100. Say: "If you own/possess my Lord`s safes/storages (of) mercy, then you would have held/seized (E) fear (of) the spending/expenditure (poverty), and the human was/is miserly/stingy."

  101. And We had given/brought to Moses nine evidences/signs evidences, so ask/question Israel`s sons and daughters, when (he) came to them, so Pharaoh said to him: "That I, I think/suspect you (E) you, Moses, (are) bewitched/enchanted."

  102. He Said: "You had known none descended those, except the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s Lord, evidences , and that I think/suspect you (E) , you Pharaoh, (are) destroyed/cursed ."

  103. So he wanted/intended that (E) he harasses/scares them away from the land so We drowned/sunk him and who (is) with him all together .

  104. And We said from after him to Israel`s sons and daughters: "Reside/inhabit the land/Planet Earth , so if the ends` (other life`s) promise came, We came with you (in) mixed crowds/huge gatherings ."

  105. And by the truth We descended it, and by the truth it descended, and We did not send you except (as an) announcer of good news and (a) warner/giver of notice .

  106. And a Koran We distinguished it to read it on (to) the people on slow deliberation/comprehension , and We descended it descending.

  107. Say: "Believe with it or do not believe, that (E) those who were given/brought to the knowledge, from before it, if (it) is being read/recited on them, they fall down to the chins/beards prostrating."

  108. And they say: "Praise/glory (to) our Lord that truly our Lord`s promise was made/done (E)."197

  109. And they fall down to the chins/beards weeping and He/it (the weeping) increases them humbleness/submission .

  110. Say: "Call God, or call the merciful, whichever you call, so for Him (are) the names the best/most beautiful (the good names), and do not publicize/declare/raise (voice) with your prayers, and do not silence/lower and hide with it, and wish/desire between that a way/method."

  111. And say: "The praise/gratitude (is) to God who did not take (a) child (son), and (there) had not been/is not a partner for Him in the ownership/kingdom , and (there) had not been/is not for Him (a) guardian/protector from the humbleness/weakness , and greaten/magnify Him , greatness/enlargement ." 198


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